solution essay ( Travel by a car)

solution essay ( Travel by a car)

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For this assignment you will be writing a solution essay ABOUT ( Travel by a car). This is a form of argument. You will first identify a problem( Travel by a car) –

and effectively argue that it is a problem. Then you will propose a solution for that problem and effectively argue that it’s doable and will solve the problem. This

will require some inventiveness and imagination.

This is to be 1,400 to 1,600 words in length and double-spaced with page numbers, in-text citations and either a references page or a works cited page. Include at

least four outside sources. These can be a mix of primary sources (interviews, straw polls) and secondary sources (books, journal articles, magazine articles). This

will require a little research on your part to locate sources that will help you propose a solution to the problem you identify. You can choose the citation style you

want to use, but make sure you follow the rules faithfully and are consistent.

Don’t latch on to the first easy topic that occurs to you. Put some thought into identifying a problem that is usually overlooked but something that affects a lot of

people’s lives. And try to come up with a practical solution – one that could realistically be implemented.

The criteria by which this paper will be graded will include originality of the idea, practicality of the solution and typographical, grammatical and citation style