Staging the Mediterranean in Renaissance England

Form an argument that supports a clearly-stated thesis using detailed evidence and appropriate quotation from the text.

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Staging the Mediterranean in Renaissance England: Topics for Essay 1

Write an essay of 7 pages on one of the topics below.

Format: Papers must be word-processed or typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font (Times New Roman preferred), and with one inch borders. Provide a brief title for your paper (the title-page is optional and is not included in the page count). You may use footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations?just be clear and consistent. Number your pages.

Grammar and spelling will be marked along with argument and ideas, so write correctly and proof-read your final draft. Quote lines and passages from the plays, but do not quote more than eight lines at a time in citing a particular speech. When using secondary sources, consult more than one source and keep the emphasis on your own ideas and interpretations, not the sources? ideas. You may use resources available on EEBO and scholarly articles through electronic databases in our library system such as JSTOR, MLA Bibliography, Literature Online, Project Muse, or The Shakespeare Collection. Do not use non-academic and unreliable online sources. Cite all sources you use on a Works Cited page attached to your essay. Any form of plagiarism will result in a failing grade.

Form an argument that supports a clearly-stated thesis using detailed evidence and appropriate quotation from the text. Place impartial literary analysis in the foreground of the essay, and leave your personal reaction to texts and topics in the background.

Final draft due: Friday, March 6. Please submit a hard copy. I cannot accept late submissions.

1. Examine the notions of tyranny and cruelty in both plays we have read (Selimus and The Renegado). How do these English playwrights conceive of oppression? Do Catholics, Turks, and Jews that populate these plays represent different models of authority, political and other? How so? What do the plays suggest about the relation between repression and religion, and what is the basis for such assumptions?

The two plays that have to be used are “Selimus” and “The Renegado”

You have to cite them from this book

Three Turk Plays from Early Modern England: Selimus, Emperor of the Turks; A Christian Turned Turk; and The Renegado

By: Daniel J. Vitkus Robert Daborne Philip Massinger

For the other remaining sources, use only ACADEMIC and RELIABLE sources. Thank you!