Standard/Terminology Paper

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Standardized Terminology Paper (10%)

In this assignment you will be asked to look at various Standardized Terminologies and apply the information to your clinical practice. You will actually link a clinical encounter to three different standardized languages.
After completing the assigned readings and activities, you will be given specific questions to apply to a clinical example of your choosing.
This assignment will be handed in via a Microsoft Office Word Document in formal APA 6th Edition Format.
Detailed instructions and a Grading Rubric are located within Module 4.

Standards/Terminology Paper Assignment
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Worth 10% of your Overall Grade

In this assignment you will review the material at the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness website on Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC).
After reviewing both sites you will then answer a few questions. When answering the questions, you are to write a “several” page response. The paper should be in APA 6th Edition format – double spaced, standard margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, and spelling and grammar are important. A Title Page is required as is a reference page if you are citing any materials paraphrased or quoted… but no abstract is required.

Read the overviews of NIC and NOC by clicking the links provided on the main page by visiting the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness at URL: and also their facebook page

2. Review the Intervention Labels and Definitions Document
3. Briefly describe a recent encounter with a patient in your clinical experience and find and describe at least 4 interventions you used in this encounter from the list of 542 nursing interventions provided within the above mentioned document.
4. Review the NANDA-I Taxonomy of Nursing Diagnoses Document
Also, find your NANDA diagnoses for your Clinical Encounter. Also review the following and determine the outcomes that were achieved: Outcome Labels and Definitions Document
5. Finally imagine that the NIC was implemented in your practice setting tomorrow. How would the use of such as system help nurses to define and document nursing practice? What are the advantages to such a system? What are the disadvantages/barriers to such a system? Who among your colleagues would embrace such a system? Who might be resistant? Why?