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Module Name: Service Marketing

The global healthcare industry is as usual rising in terms of growth and volume. Demographic changes such as growing populations and longer life expectancies represent more scope for the same. Most of the global healthcare players have been active in the Middle East region and are highly committed to the social, medical and economic progress of the region.


• Select a service provider (like, Al Rima, Al Amal, Bader Al Samaa) from the Health Care industry in Oman, and examine how it has exploited the extended service marketing mix to gain a substantial competitive advantage.
• Comment on the chosen service provider’s sources of competitive advantage, service delivery process and the factors which is affecting their service quality in detail.
• Comment on the variety of supplementary services offered by the provider with the core medical service and evaluate how those are enhancing the quality of the core service.
• Comment on how and why customer interactions and feedbacks are enhancing the quality of service delivery.
• Based on the above analysis recommend service recovery strategies, to enhance the competitive advantage of this service provider.

*The assignment should take a form of a report covering all the above aspects.

• References: it should be Harvard Style referencing used. It should be from published articles…ect.

• Very Important Notes:- The number of words should be 3000 words without references. Also, citation should be written on the paragraph and explanation in any analysis written. We had choose to write about Star Care hospital.

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