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This course work of statistic has 8 questions. MINITAB program should be used to answer this question. The references may not need unless there is a proper question needs to have some references




The data for your analysis is stored in the dataset ebola_data_public.xlsx available on NOW. The survey itself with the names of the columns where the answers are recorded is given in ebola_survey_public.xlsx dataset.
Copy the data from the file ebola_data_public.xlsx from NOW into MINITAB. Select a sample of 100 observations (n = 100) from these data which will be unique to you. Copy and paste the MINITAB outputs onto the page of a Word document and save it in the Appendix to your report.

Data analysis and report

For each of the following studies formulate the null and alternative hypotheses; choose, justify and perform an appropriate statistical test using MINITAB; provide all outputs; write a brief 0.5 pages report and conclusions.

(1) For your unique dataset  summarise information about your respondents and present graphically the frequency distributions of your respondents with respect to gender and age/age groups.

(2) Find out whether there is a significant difference in the knowledge about the average incubation time of Ebola between gender groups.

(3) Investigate whether there is a significant difference in number of males and females attending a public gathering like video clubs, entertainment centres, or other crowded areas

(4) Show whether the proportion of people using hand sanitizer is different between age groups that you defined previously.

(5) Explore whether there is any correlation between education status and the amount of money respondents earn in a normal week before Ebola outbreak.

Independent research

(6) The probability that a patient recovers from Ebola is 0.3. Generate two random numbers between 0 and 150 using MINITAB and paste the outputs into your report. Denote by A the smallest number and by B the largest number out of these two generated numbers. If 150 people are known to have contracted this disease, what is the probability that between A and B survive?


(7) Think of a meaningful question and interrogate your data using an appropriate statistical test.

(8) Draft a 1 page non-technical letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) summarising your findings and their possible implications for WHO’s outreach activities to fight Ebola.