strategic Managment

strategic Managment

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Essays should have the following structure:
Public sector organizations ( Emirates Red Crescent Authority) need to be aware of the environmental conditions within which they find themselves, both to ensure

appropriate services are delivered now, and also to aid planning for the future. It is important to identify these environmental issues and understand the potential

and likely impact they may have on an organization.
• Main body of the essay. This should include a detailed description of the case study
1. Prepare a PESTLE analysis for a private or public sector organization with which you are familiar. Provide an example for each of the PESTLE factors and state how

each may impact on future service provision within the organization.
PESTLE is a tool which enables organizations to identify broad environmental forces external to the organization. PESTLE usually stands for Political, Economic,

Sociocultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental influences. A longer term view can be gained from scenario planning, which is often used in conjunction with

PESTLE analysis under certain circumstances.
2. For a private or a public sector organization with which you are familiar prepare a SWOT analysis and explain the benefits of this tool.
In addition, SWOT analysis (the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within an organization) is a way of bringing together internal

analysis and external analysis (for example from a PESTLE analysis) to draw conclusions and inform the business strategy of an organization.
3. Explain why scenario planning is used by organizations and describe the stages involved in conducting a scenario planning exercise.