Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

The ‘Strategic

Marketing Plan (Part II)’ as assignment two provides you with a hands-on experience in formulating, implementing and measuring marketing strategies. Additionally, this marketing plan will enhance your in-depth understanding ofthe various strategies for new market entries, growth markets, mature and declining markets and forthe new economy in sustaining competitive advantage overthe product life cycle.
You can continue with the same business offering that you have selected as part ofthe Strategic Marketing Plan (Part I). Discuss the relevance
ofa pioneer or a follower strategy by highlighting suitable strategic market programs forthe business under consideration.

Explain the relevance ofthe growth-market strategies for market leaders and share-growth strategies forfollowers for your selected business.

Discuss the possible strategic choices forthe business for maintaining competitive advantage in shakeout, mature and declining markets.

Briefly discuss the relevance ofvarious strategies to serve new economy markets in regards to your business.

Describe the appropriateness of designing organisational structures and marketing plans forthe implementation of different competitive strategies forthe business under consideration.

Identify the critical role of marketing metrics and marketing audit in relevance to your business.

Obviously some theories and concepts in Chapters 8 – 13 will be more relevant to the Strategic Marketing Plan (Part II). You must choose which ones are more relevant and explain why they are more relevant. You must apply the concepts and theories you have learned from your reading ofthe text to the Strategic Marketing Plan

(Part II) analysis and not just list or describe them. Please try to keep your assignment within the total word