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There are 2 questions each question must be around 250 words each. Each question must be one it own page with the question on the top page and then the answer.

1) ” culture bricolage. “–Marjorie Garber, “Back to Whose Basics? ” New York Times, October 29,1995.
In his article@ Structuralism and literary Criticism, Gerard Genette suggests that the literary critic is a bricoleur. This term refers to something constructed by using whatever materials happen to be available. HOw is the Structuralist critic a bricoleur? Compare the process of analysis engaged in by Structuralists with the process of New Criticism. Are New Critics bricoleurs? Do they construct meaning out of’ whatever materials happen to be available? HOw does this term help you understand the differences between these two critical modes?

2) Roland Barthes’s article ‘ The struggle with the Angel is an example of Structuralist praxis. What processes does he engage in to analyse the ‘Structure’ and meaning of his chosen text? Do you think that his method of analysis reveals any hidden elements to the narrative? Do you think any aspect of the narrative received less attention that it might have during a New Critical reading? Which mode do you think is more suited to the text?

Only use: Terry Eagleton: Literary Theory.

* Genette,Gerard 1982 ‘ Structuralism and Literary Criticism.In: Figures of literary discourse/Gerard Genette; translated by Alan Sheridan; introduction by Marie-Rose Logan. Oxford; Blackwell,1982. Chapter 1,pp1-25
*And then the article Roland Barthes’s : The struggle with the Angel.