Technology and Environmental Management

Technology and Environmental Management

Order Description

you are required to produce a generic report that will provide a critical analysis of the key aspects of managing new product innovation, life cycle management and

environmental concerns. (You should choose a new technology and apply the management requirement for it (e.g smart-watch))
You have recently been recruited as the Technology Manager of a new high tech company. You have been asked to produce a report for the company’s Board of Directors

that will detail how the company will mange the development of new technologies, the management of the product’s lifecycle, environmental considerations, and

international standards and regulatory requirements that the company should consider. The report should provide a critical appraisal of all options that the company

will face and make recommendations, with justification and analysis, on how the company should manage all stages of the technology and associated products.

Produce a report in the region of 3000 words that addresses the requirements detailed below. The report must be a coherent document with a clear structure and flow

between the separate sections.

It is important that your report should cover, but not be limited to, the following details, each section will carry a proportional section of the marks contributing

to the marking scheme given below:
1. Detail how the company may seek to manage innovation of how products and services with a critical evaluation of the relevance for the various innovation models that

may be employed.
2. 2. What steps should the company take before seeking to commercialise the product with an evaluation of how intellectual property can be protected and the

associated implications.
3. 3. A detailed discussion of the stages involved in the management of product lifecycles and how PLM can be utilised by the company to improve efficiencies and

4. A review of the analysis required to provide an assessment of the environmental impact of the product.
5. A review of appropriate analytical techniques that the company and describe how they will be employed to maintain quality and drive continuous improvement.
6. The required actions that must be undertaken to meet the ISO ‘- standards and a recommendation whether it is appropriate for the company to apply for accreditation.
7. Your conclusions should contain a summary of the specific recommendations that you have made through out the report on how the company could best address the

challenges presented by the new technology.