Term Paper Title and Abstract

Term Paper Title and Abstract

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Instructions for Term Paper Title and Abstract Submission

You need to identify a topic for your term paper by March 18, 2015 (5 PM).  I have provided you a list of potential topics. This list is not exhaustive.  You can

choose any additional topic relevant to supply chain management.  I have also provided a list of journals related to supply chain management.  Browsing through these

journals will give you  additional ideas.  Lists for the term paper topics and the useful journals are available on BlackBoard (under “Term Paper” in the content

area).  You will probably benefit most if you choose a topic relevant to your major as it relates to supply chain management.
Your submission file should contain the following – title of the topic, your name, and course number.  It should also contain a page or two about what you intend to

cover in the term paper.  Clearly you need do some research on the topic before you identify a topic.  On a separate page (insert a page break in the document), you

need to  list the sources such as books, web sites, and journal articles that you looked into for writing the abstract.  The word file that you submit should be named

“lastname_firstname_TermPaper_Abstract”.  You should upload your abstract submission file on BlackBoard (look for “Term Paper Topic and Abstract Submission” under

“Term Paper” in content area).  You can upload your file anytime between 5 pm on March 13, 2015 and 5 pm on March 20, 2015.
Timely submission of your choice of term paper topic and abstract carries a weight of 3 course points (these 3 course points taken from 25 course points allotted to

term paper.  Rest of the points, 22 points, will be allotted to the term paper you submit at the end of the course).
If you do not hear from me by April 1, 2015 you may assume that the topic you have chosen has been approved, and you may continue working on it.

Topics for the term paper

Term paper is an important component of the course.  It serves several purposes – exploring a specific topic in supply chain management in depth, investigate various

resources available, and improve communication skills through writing a coherent and up-to-date article.  I am listing some potential topics you can choose for your

term paper.  The list is by no means exhaustive.  You can explore additional topics of relevance to the course.  I would strongly encourage you to look for topics

which interface with your major area (if Supply Chain Management is not your major).  Another alternative is to choose an issue in Supply Chain Management that may be

relevant to your work.  Think broadly, and out of the box.  Don’t hesitate stop by, and talk with me if you need help with choosing the topic for term paper.
Some potential Topics
Impact of globalization on Supply Chain Management
Intermodal Shipping
Third Party Logistics
Distribution Channels
Material Handling
Emerging Trends in Ocean Shipping or Trucking or Railroad Transportation or Air Freight Transportation
Information Systems and Information flows in Supply Chains
Study of specific logistics companies such as – UPS, FedEx, Maersk etc.
Study of specific industry supply chains – automotive or food or wind turbine industry etc.
Emerging trends in Purchasing and Procurement
Security Issues in Supply Chains – you can focus on security relating to: physical material flows or financial flows, or information flows
Emerging trends in Warehousing
Factors influencing the reemergence of Onshoring
Importance of Ports in Transportation
Reverse flows in supply chains
Vendor Managed Inventory Systems
Onshoring (also called “Reshoring”)
Study and analysis of SCORE – Supply Chain Council
Emerging technologies in product identification – multidimensional barcoding etc.
Supplier Evaluation
Balanced Score Card for Supply Chains
Study of a transportation mode in detail – trucking or railroad or ocean or inland waterways or air freight etc.
Cutting Edge topics – such as… “What effects will Panama Canal Expansion have on east coast ports? or on west coast ports? or on midwest farming?”, “What effects

will lifting of Cuba trade embargo have on midwest farmers?”   “Global warming and northwest passage – Impact on global logistics” (these are difficult and challenging

topics.. don’t be scared to attempt them – remember FedEx was born out of course paper requirement….)…..

Supply Chain Management Review
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics
Journal of Business Logistics
Sloan Management Review
Harvard Business Review
Business Strategy Review
Materials Management and Distribution
Inbound Logistics
Transportation Journal
Traffic World
The International Journal of Logistics Management
Logistics Today
Logistics Management
Traffic World
World Trade