The Body" by Stephen King the (Book)

The Body” by Stephen King the (Book)

No adults in this story play a positive role in the boys’ lives. Look at the adults we know of. These include Gordie’s mother and father, Chris’s father, Teddy’s father, Milo Pressman, the owner of the store where Gordie buys the boys’ dinner, and Chris’s teacher. Taken together, what message do they give us about growing in this town? Why?

Your thesis must be controversial. It must not state the obvious, or simple summary of the plot RATHER than an analysis of the topic question. It should attempt to answer a specific controversial question. Don’t give blow by blow description of the entire story. That would be simple plot summary, which is not what i want. Instead you should only describe and analyze specific scenes which support your specific narrow point or points.

No research is required. You must support your ideas with evidence taken from the book. Normally it consists of a mix of direct quotations and descriptions of the scenes your consider most relevant to proving your main points. The quotations and descriptions are followed by your original interpretation of what you think was really happening in the scene or what the scene or speech means means to you.