The Brand Analysis about Starbucks

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Written report of no more than 1000 words (Please note that the list of References and Appendices are NOT included in this word count).

Students are required to provide a written report that presents an analysis of the research findings for their chosen brand.
Students are expected to cover specification of the brand, analysis of competing brands and consideration of purchase behaviour in the target market. This includes strategies associated with decisions around brand elements, selection of marketing programs and their integration. In addition students are expected to gather information from other publically available sources (or private sources for students who are employed by the organization that owns the brand).
Students are to include a brief outline brand (eg existing or being developed for this assignment) and their relationship to it (eg member of the general public, employee of organization that owns the brand, or member of the team responsible for its management) at the beginning of their assignment.