The company should be coca cola compared with any of its rival (except pepsi)

The company should be coca cola compared with any of its rival (except pepsi) !!!!!!!!!

Format: 1,000 words +/- 10% (excluding references)
•    Double space or 1.5 space your work.
•    Have a cover page that includes your name, student ID, tutor’s name, and chosen company
•    The file name should be as followed: Chosen brand_Tutor’s first name (e.g., Apple_Norman)
•    Mark will be reduced if the guideline is not followed.

Topic: “Reflect on the materials this module has covered. Compare Brand X’s marketing practices with one of its rivals”.

Assessment criteria
Criterion    Weighting %
Amount of research and reflection undertaken    15
Referencing     5
?    Comparing Brand X’s marketing practices / performances with its key rival    40
?    Implications / recommendations for Brand X’s rival    20
Structure and layout    10
Tutor’s discretionary mark    10

Assessment criteria explained:
-Amount of research and reflection undertaken
?    Whether the student demonstrated sufficient academic knowledge about how to reflect his/her learning behaviour / outcome / process
?    Whether academic theories and examples from the industries have been incorporated into this essay
?    Whether lecture materials, seminar activities, coursework, and / or extra curriculum readings / activities have been included as supporting evidences
?    Whether appropriate referencing method was used (Harvard style required)
– Comparing Brand X’s marketing practices / performances with its key rival
?    Students’ ability to compare two companies (Brand X’s and its rival) on some of the following issues:
1.    business orientation (sales orientation versus market orientation)
2.    ability to take advantage of its environment
3.    ability to understand its customers and consumers
4.    ability to conduct market and marketing research a
5.    ability to formulate effective STP strategies
6.    ability to formulate appropriate marketing mix for its product/s
7.    ability to formulate effective product strategy (i.e. new product development, portfolio management, and / or branding)
8.    ability to formulate effective pricing strategy
9.    ability to formulate effective promotional strategy
10.    ability to formulate effective distribution strategy
11.    service performance
12.    ability to market to international markets

?    Implications and recommendations for Brand X’s rival
1.    Based on the comparisons made, what are the marketing implications / suggestions for Brand X’s rival in the next one to three years?

-Structure and layout
a.    Whether the guideline (word counts, layout) has been followed
b.    Whether the essay is structured and presented in a logical, professional and consistent manner