The core competencies of Nestle and the role of competencies in developing the organizational strategy

Case Study:


Read the case study and also explore information on Nestle website to answer the questions.


Ensure all sources from other books and websites are correctly referenced.


Any supplementary materials must be included in appendices.



Question 1(12marks)


Describe Nestle business.  Use information from the case study for part of your answer but you MUST also go to the company website and at least one other “impartial” website to get more information. Also include mission and vision


Include two facts you found out about the company on the web sites and include range of images and logos to support your review of the company.


Here if we find back fact we have to wright why did happen and how will affect on business


(150 words)



Question 2 (12 marks)


Identify the core competencies of Nestle? Also discuss the role of competencies in developing the organizational strategy for Nestle?


Here we have to wright at least 3 core competencies from chapter and explain it

Also wright about organizational strategy at least one thing about it and explain it from the chapter


(100 words)








Question 3(16marks)


Create and explain a supply chain management diagram for Nestle. Please include lines and shapes to fully explain your diagram. You may also want to download pictures from the case study or Internet to use in your diagram.


(150 words plus images)





Question 4 (15 marks)


Give four potential reasons why Nestle would have to design new products or redesign current products based on environmental opportunities and threats. Explain how the new design or redesign will address the threat or opportunity.


(150 words)



Question 5 (10 marks)


Identify the product life cycle from the case study and briefly explain the lessons learnt from this case study which would enable all business organizations to inject new life into a product life cycle?