The Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Protein Degradation (Erad) Pathway and Disease

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


How to critique the article” answer to the questions below separately”
“About 2 pages”

1. Global Summary
o Summarise what was written in this review, by producing a Global Summary. Therefore, write a paragraph summarize what the review is about, you should refrain from commenting on quality. Instead, produce an objective, succinct summary 
2. Write positive comment
o Highlight aspect of manuscript that you think was particularly well done
o Move on to major / general ‘concerns’
o Follow with broad suggestions
o Finish with lin-edit suggestions
3- provide an approprately – worded ‘linking sentence’ that moves to the part of the critique where you express ‘concerns’ or where you make briad and constructive suggestions. For example, suggest an expantion of particular parts, bit specify which pece of information in particular you think is missing . Altrnatively , or in addation, suggest changes that could be made to improve the manuscript. 
4- In final part of your critique, suggest ‘line-edits’
For example, grammatical errors could be identified and suggestions made foe corrections. Do not do too many of these.

5- What to avoid
o Use of first person ‘I’ 
o Use of ‘they’
o Critiques that are too short are not helpful
o Absence of constructive comments
o Making critique too long

• Please, use the reviewer and the writer