The Evolution of Management thought

The Evolution of Management thought

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1. Individual Assignment

Title: The Evolution of Management thought

Task: Write an academic essay arising from a review of the literature on the above. This essay should be presented with a title page and a bibliography, further it should contain references. Supplemental reading on the topic is expected. The essay itself must be no more than 1500 words in length and must be handed in in person on the due date. The work should be typewritten, printed on A4 paper and bound solely with a metal staple. Cover page to be included stating name, student number, and word count. Please ensure all pages are numbered.

Objective: The objectives of this essay are for the student of Management and Strategy to:
I. Develop an understanding of the history of management.
II. Develop the skills to produce concise essays.

Dates for submission: Wednesday 11.03.2015 in class. Late penalties of 10% will be applied for delivery within 24 hours of deadline. 2% reduction per day thereafter (including weekend days).

Marking Scheme:
10% Coherence, Language, grammar & punctuation
10% Quality of referencing and sources
10% Essay structure
40% Knowledge and understanding
30% Analysis and discussion

The sources must be five books and two academic articles