The Impact of IFRS transition on audit and non-audit fees by Listed Companies in Saudi Arabia

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Important notes:
1. The length of the proposal must not exceed 10 pages because of the school rule.
2. This is the link to SOCPA’s project of IFSR transition:
3. This is the link to Saudi Arabia’s profile on IFRS:
4. The references must be 15-20.
5. The references should be from top accounting journals as much as possible. Here are the top accounting and auditing journals:
• The Accounting Review (TAR)
• Journal of Accounting Research (JAR)
• Journal of Accounting and Economics (JAE)
• Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR)
• Review of Accounting Studies (RAST)
• Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory(must be use)
• Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
• International Journal of Accounting
• Austrailia Accounting Review
• The British Accounting Review
6. When it come to references about Saudi Arabia I know it is almost impossible to find references. So, here are some important ones: 
– Almotairy O. S. and Alsalman A. M. (2011).Challenges Facing Adopting IFRS in Saudi Arabia. June 2011, The 1st Annual Journal of International Accounting Research Conference, June 14-17, 2011, Xiamen, China.
– Alqahtani S. (2010).The Relevance of IFRS for Saudi Arabia: Stakeholders Perspective. PhD Thesis, Stirling University, UK. 
– A. Alsuhaibani, “The Expected Impact of IFRS Adoption on Saudi Arabia Based on Lessons from Other Countries: A Focus on the Telecommunication Business”, WCBEM, pp.1190-1198, 2012.