The Law of Tort-Negligence

Assignment Brief

This assignment requires you to examine some of the characteristics of the Law of Tort and that of Negligence in particular.

Fred is driving a car along a busy high street when his mobile phone rings. Whilst reaching for his phone, he loses control of the car and crashes into a lamppost. His passenger, Kate, suffers whiplash injuries. These injuries lead to a rare condition affecting the central nervous system, which causes Kate to experience partial paralysis to her left side.


Discuss whether, in above scenario, Fred has been negligent towards Kate.

(AC1.1) (Approx-words 650)

Your sister, Rose has just completed a course in Beauty Therapy and has been given the opportunity to open a beauty salon of her own. A friend of hers has told her that she needs to understand a variety of legal issues if she is to open her own salon and has mentioned the law of tort to her. Rose, knowing that you study law, has asked you to help her with this area of the law.

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