200 words: Man Booker Prize 2014
Book review: Richard Flanagan: The Narrow Road to the Deep North.
(THESE ARE THE TWO REVIEW THAT YOU CAN LOOK UP: THE GUARDIAN and the other one is whispering narrow-road-to-the-deep-north-review.
They are for his novel.But you can look for another if you like but it has to be on RICHARD FLANAGAN: THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH.
* Locate and analyse two reviews of the novel, The review may be taken from print or online publications but should be from a major newspaper,literary journal or arts cultural review magazine.
* Identify what features of the novel are highlighted in each review and to comment on what judgments about literary value they reflect.
* Read, analyse and write an outline of the two reviews, identifying.
* Full bibliographical details of the novel and each review.
What features ogf the novel are higlighted in each review. This might include the narrative structure, the prose style, the characterisation, the topicality of the novel’s subject matter or such things as the prestige or newness of the author. SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH RELEVANT QUOTES FROM EACH REVIEW (not included in the word count).
* What value judgement (implicit or explicit) each review makes in assessing the novel’s literary merit., does the review seem to be looking for innovation, novelty,, complexity, entertainment value, philosophical depth, emotional richness, ethical soundness or any other qualities? SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH QUOTES FROM EACH REVIEW.
* In your response must include a brief introductory statement summarising any points of comparison or contrast between the two reviews and what this might indicated about current directions in the field of contemporary literature.
* Dont need to write it up as an essay and you may present the body of your response in point form if you wish, provided that your ideas are clearly expressed.