The NHS – Past, Present and Future

The NHS – Past, Present and Future

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Professional Practice- Assignment

Learning outcomes:
•    1 – Understand how his/her own experience of the health sector has influenced his/her attitudes to health now
•    2 – Demonstrate some knowledge of the origins and development of the Health Service in the UK
•    3 – investigate alternatives to the Health Service in the UK

Assignment brief:
This assignment will be structured in report style using a title, headings and subtitles where necessary.
The topic : The NHS – Past, Present and Future and will cover the following elements
All these elements listed below needs to be discussed regarding the NHS and this report has to be written in the first person (i). This report is about your own views about the NHS past, present and future
Assignment Structure
?    The origins of the NHS, why it was necessary to implement it, the conditions faced by the general public prior to its creation and the factors leading to the implementation of the NHS.
o    Consider the Beveridge report
o    The impact of the 2nd world war on health
o    The opposition to the NHS and the reasons for this

?    Current pressures faced by the NHS
o    Include current events in the news
o    Consider the issues which are resulting in services being inadequate
o    Your experience of the Health Care Service as a professional and a patient

?    Alternatives to the NHS
o    Private health care
o    Complementary Therapies

?    The future for the NHS
o    Your recommendations  based on possible options for the NHS to consider  in order to continue
o    Privatisation
o    Business and entrepreneurial investment
o    Means tested banding of services

?    Conclusion

?    References
o    Secondary Research