The Origin Of Civil Society

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


short essay should be no longer than 1 page (about 250 -320 words) each short essay should contain the following : 1- a statement of the thesis of the assigned reading in about 25 words or less . 2- a summery of about 100 words explaining the most important arguments in the assigned reading that support the thesis. 3- express your personal reactions in about 50 -100 words that discusses the truthfulness and clarity of the thesis and the important supporting arguments Follow instruction exactly even numbers of the words am supposed to write Also give a space for good conclusion the whole paper shouldn’t be more than 250 -300 words non of them copied from the article or anywhere (plagiarism) main ideas strong own arguments and conclusion((( follow instructions exactly )))) Any thing from the author should be refried to him with paraphrase dont copy his words for example the author(his name) states, affirms ,discusses (Don’t copy any thing from anywhere It should be own writing Nothing plagiarized from the book or anywhere pleas) the paper should be 100 percent not plagiarized and I want it to follow the format exactly I will attach the format I want to use and my name that I want it to written in the paper is Nouf Al Khamies then titel should be in the middle as I said follow format. Main ideas1)social contact an individual gives up some of his freedom to the greater good.
2)their should be equality before the law
3 the government should reflect the well of the people not the force of the ruler .
those are 3 main ideas of this essay please give example of our real life for a ruler or leader who was dealing as if he is the best, the strongest the right and every body is his slave like Hitler for example