the role of the government in the Australian tourism industry

Question: What is the role of the government (at all levels) in the Australian tourism industry? What should its role be? Discuss, using examples and drawing upon the concepts taught in this unit. And It should be a formative essay.

Formative assessment is designed to provide you with a low-risk opportunity to develop your skills – in this case, essay writing. The first assignment provides you with feedback and an opportunity to resubmit a fail assignment for a maximum of a pass grade. The idea is that you learn from the activity with minimal impact on your overall grade. Summative assessment is designed to assess the skills you have learnt in the formative assessment activity. Summative assessment in this case is a major

assignment that can significantly impact your overall grade. However, having completed the formative assessment, students will have had ample opportunity to develop and practise their skills and receive feedback before attempting the major essay.