Assignment Task:
You are required to analyze the attached Case titled, ‘Thorntons plc: corporate and business strategy and write a report covering the following:-

1. An evaluation of Thorntons’ pattern of strategic development from the company’s origin to year 2003.

2. An evaluation of the implication of Thornton’s in- house strategy on its competitive position in its core market of boxed chocolates using the Porter’s Five Forces model of industry analysis.

3. An evaluation of Thornton’s internal sources of competitive advantages in terms of their resources and competences and their sustainability in light of the environmental analysis done above using the VRIN framework.

4. Based on the above, suggestions on how the company should approach growth in terms of directions to ensure a success in the future using the Ansoff’s matrix.

Your report must be focused, must demonstrate extensive reading and a holistic understanding. You must critically examine the relevant issues. Descriptive answers would not fetch the higher grades. The following criteria will be used to evaluate your written analysis:-
? Referencing and use of proper referencing style.
? Research rigor.
? Structure, Vocabulary and Cohesiveness of the written analysis.
? Analysis of issues and use of appropriate examples.
? Understanding of concepts.

• References: it should be Harvard Style referencing used. It should be from published articles…ect.

• Very Important Notes:- The number of words should be 2500 words without references. Also, citation should be written on the paragraph and explanation in any analysis written.

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