Tourism in South Korea

Tourism in South Korea

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You can use more than 10 references but it HAS TO be books, academic articles, newspaper, web materials. Check GEOBASE, Academic Search Complete, Web of Science (Social Science Citation Index), Lexis/Nexis

there will be additional 10 pages more within this paper that I will request in short period time (about a month later, you will write policies at that time). This 10 pages you need to write about the tourism problems/issues and ITS perspective(anthropological,geographical, etc). Country I chose is “South Korea”

You can put pictures and graphs but ONLY TEXT should be 10 pages. You have to choose ‘client’ such as government or official organization such as ‘UN travel department’ something like this.

Policy analysis for specialist audiences: Students will complete writing assignments requiring them to identify, summarize, and analyze competing interests/actors and potential solutions related to a pressing international or global problem. As part of this assignment, students will learn the following novice-level writing skills: citation and attribution; writing brief descriptions of a problem; analytic writing of contending actors and interests; and professional detachment from ideological or normative interpretations.

• Make sure your draft has a title and your name on it.
Be sure to number the pages of the draft.

• References. Title this – References Cited.
You should list all references cited in the draft.
Follow a standard format. Chicago/Turabian.
Internal citations should use the following form: (Smith, 2009, p. 25).

• Length. Ten pages of text is about right..
The paper should be typed, double space, with one inch margins.
Use a computer, keep backup hard copies and digital copies.

• Includes maps, tables, graphs

• This draft should emphasize the issue and background, look ahead to policy options.
Introduction, Client
Statement of issue – tourism issues
Background – portrayal of country, tourism sites
Tourism ITS perspectives: history, geography, politics, economics, or anthropology

• Consult syllabus, text, and readings packet for further ideas.
• The main focus of this draft is ideas and organization.
Be sure to organize your ideas, examine and edit your draft carefully.
Writing should clarify your thought.
• Key on: Utilize references fully. Present ideas completely.
Organize materials, make connections. Clarify expression.