Training in Small hospitality firms in Fiji

Training in Small Hospitality firms

To date very little research has been conducted in these organizations
The issue of training in the small business sector has largely been neglected by academic researchers and human resource planning, development and management specialists who were content to suggest solutions which were more relevant to the business strategies of larger firms.
Relatively little is known about the extent, nature and determinants of training in small and medium sized businesses, either on a national or local level.
It is argued that with the growth of tourism and hospitality and the importance of human resources within them this neglect should not continue.

Research conducted in hospitality and tourism firms of all sizes has discovered that informality and a relatively unsophisticated management style characterize the approach taken towards training.
Research on small firms in general has also indicated that an informal approach towards the management of human resources is the norm in these firms.

Aim of the research

To discover the extent and nature of training in small hotesl in Fiji.

This research will also attempt to partially fill the gap in knowledge about the extent and nature of of training in small tourism and hospitality firms