Travel agents

Travel agents

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The assignment is based on the difficulties reported recently in the UK service sector. You are required to examine what marketing aspects might shed light on the specific service sector.( Travel Agents)

1. Introduce the service sector assigned to you – specifically indicating some of the competitors operating in the UK market, including recent trends in their performance.

2. Identify for that service sector the service challenges using the five service characteristics; assess operations in that sector using the services marketing triangle, & the Servuction Model.

3. Consider how the industry has changed over time – use the Interaction Matrix, specifically considering the potential for the customer to ‘self manufacture’ the service, & the adoption of technology into the delivery of the service.

4. Propose appropriate measures of service quality for the face-to-face interaction between provider & potential customer, & for any interaction which is mediated by technology.

5. For 2 named providers compare their use of the extended marketing mix (8Ps) face-to-face & using technology, & make appropriate recommendations.