Tuberculosis ( TB)

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This is your major piece of writing assessment for the unit. you will need to gather information from a variety of sources. As a minimum, you are required to find useful information from eight books or government reports and ten peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 7 years. You may not use general websites or webpages. While reliance on www sites may be easier for you, it does not demonstrate your skill in sourcing information from reputable government reports or academic peer-reviewed sources and will cause you to lose significant marks. In your FINAL Written Assignment you will need to: 1. Define and describe the health condition 2. Describe the current incidence or prevalence of the health condition in: 1. Australia 2. One European Country 3. AND the United States of America

3. Describe two treatment and/or prevention methods that are used for the health condition 4. Describe the role of at least two health professionals in providing these treatment/preventions strategies

You need to take into consideration the following assignment components as these will be awarded marks: l The assignment format and structure l Information sourcing and usage l Paraphrasing and citation l Referencing l Presentation l Academic Writing/English language usage It is important to use a formal and objective writing style. Refer to the CHAS booklet in your workbook for information on writing style and how to format the written assignment. Your tutor will be particularly keen to see that you cite, reference and paraphrase the information in a way that avoids plagiarism. You will mostly demonstrate your skills in citing paraphrased information but you are also required to correctly cite at least three short quote. You need to include one small table, figure or graph within the body of your assignment that must also have its source correctly cited and referred to in the body of your assignment. DO NOT include large graphs or tables as appendices. The paper is to be a maximum of 1500 words (marks will be penalized by 10% for over or under the word count). The Final Written assignment must have a Title page. The word count DOES NOT include the Title page, Contents page, Reference page or any tables or graphs

The reference style must be the APA 6th edition

Every single information must be cited even every sentence has more than one citation

Page number must start from the introduction page in the left right top corner

All sources must be credible and the DOI must be provided for each electronic source

The word count must be between 1480 and 1520 strictly and the citation is counted in the words count

Please read the instruction very carefully as I required to fulfill every single bit of instruction