Twelve Angry Man-Organizational Behaviour

Twelve Angry Man-Organizational Behaviour

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We will view the 1957 version of the film “12 Angry Men” (starring Henry Fonda) in class. Discuss the film with your colleagues, but answer the following questions individually.

Evaluation will be based on the following:

In one or two sentences, answer the following:
What is the purpose of the 12 person jury?
What are some of the tasks that flow from this purpose?
What are some of the conflicting values that group members bring to the meeting? How do these values influence the group’s dynamics? Give one example of how conflicting values were surfaced and resolved by the group.
What were some of the elements of the work that the group and its members needed to accomplish to achieve its purpose? What tactics did you see the group use to avoid doing this work?
Describe 3 of the 12 jury members:
First focus on the personal level: In terms of their personal characteristics (loudmouth, shy, insecure, rational, etc.), what clue do these personal characteristics give to the role they play in the group?
Now step back and focus on the systemic level: What clue does their personal history (occupation, nationality, socio-economic status, family circumstances, or educational background) provide about the societal faction each juror represents?
Describe in what ways the Jury Foreman, Juror #1, fails to exercise his formal authority effectively. What formal authority does Juror #8, played by Henry Fonda, have? What are some of the ways he mobilizes the group to achieve its purpose?
What connections can you make between the film and some of the readings so far?

This is an organizational behavior class, thus terms and theories of the subject must be used please.
and many more available online

the movie is also a book notes can be found on spark notes/bookrags or something of the sort. This is not a story reflection, it is an organizational behaviour class.

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