U.S. Antidumping Duties on Wooden Furniture from Anchuria1

Order Description
it is A Memorandum on US Antidumping Duty Law.

Mr. Moreno requests advice from your firm on whether the allegations of the U.S. furniture industry, as described above, about the pricing practices of Anchurian furniture manufacturers and the U.S. market for wooden furniture constitute valid reasons for imposing antidumping duties. Your advice should include a discussion of whether the different business models of CAPM, Ugarte, and Stylemark affect the case. Since it is understood that the factual information is relatively limited at this stage, your advice should aim at identifying and providing an overview of the relevant issues, as opposed to reaching definitive conclusions.
Additional Instructions: You are not expected to undertake outside research on U.S. regulations, administrative decisions, and court decisions. Excerpts from the relevant provisions of the U.S. antidumping duty statutes are posted on TWEN. To the extent the posted statutes do not address an issue, you may assume that the U.S. antidumping laws are substantially the same as the relevant provisions of the WTO Agreements on Antidumping Measures and WTO decisions in the casebook. The WTO Agreements may also be used as secondary legislative history for interpreting the U.S. statutes.

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