story on underground poker clubs.

1. Must have a headline and byline (By YOUR NAME). Date and Class Name / #
aren’t necessary.

2. Should be written in AP style, with no first person or opinion. Let your
subjects and facts speak for themselves. Use past tense (so “said” not “says”).
Regarding numerals: Numbers one through nine should be spelled out; 10 and over
written numerically. (unless the number is the first word in a sentence. Then
it should be spelled out regardless.)

3. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count. Proofread your work closely before

4. Between 800 – 1000 words.

5. DOUBLE SPACED. I typically disdain using all caps, but this is important so
that your classmates and I can easily edit your stories.

6. Consult a variety of sources (four at minimum). It is important that your
article be balanced and express multiple perspectives. For each source, include
their first and last name, age, and the neighborhood, borough, or town where
they live. Also try to include a profession (and if a student, their field of

7. Format your quotes correctly. So: “Format your quotes correctly,” Smith
said. If more than one sentence, put the “he / she said” part after the first
sentence, like:

“Format your quotes correctly,” Smith said. “It’s important. _____________.”

In quotes, with rare exceptions use “said” — not “stated,” “continued,” or
“explained.” Simple is better.

8. Include a scene describing an event and / or setting.

9. Add some history or background on your topic. If you’re focusing on a main
character, let’s hear a bit of their personal story.

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