Understanding Business and Management Research Methods Page 1 of 7

Understanding Business and Management Research Methods Page 1 of 7
Master of Science
TITLE: Understanding Business and Management Research Methods
This is an individual assignment. You are required to write an academic essay to critically analyse and evaluate different research methodological approaches applied in academic journal articles (ABS ranking 3* and above).
Typically, your essay should have (a) an executive summary
(b) Introduction
(c) literature review of research methodologies
(d) discussion, analysis and evaluation of different research methodological approaches
(e) findings and what you have learnt from this assignment
(f) references (Harvard Referencing System).
In this assignment, you need to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of different research methodologies including qualitative research methods, quantitative research methods, and a mixture of both. You are expected to use relevant materials from academic research books and academic journal articles (ABS ranking 3* above) in your subject area to support your analysis and arguments when formulating your assignment. Your analysis, discussion and evaluation should be backed with appropriate examples where necessary.
This assignment should be presented with 12 pt. Times New Roman Text with line spacing of 1.5. The word limit is 2000 words (excluding references). Note that assignment below this word limit by more than 10% would result in decrease in the overall achieved mark by 10%. Proper referencing of all ideas, concepts, theories and quotes used in your work is essential. Normally you are required to present no less than 35 academic journal article references. The Harvard referencing system must be used, details of which are contained on your handbook. Failure to employ a clear and appropriate system of referencing will be penalised.
Please include the presentation slides as appendix at the end of your report.
This academic essay should be Microsoft Word processed. It should be submitted Via Blackboard Learn, by 12.00 pm 13th March, 2015.
Your submission should have a title page clearly indicating the Module Code, your Registration Number, Your Allocated Tutor’s Name and the Word Count of the essay.
A Cover Page is also required which should contain title, your student number, name of your programme (i.e. Management, HRM, International Business, Marketing, Corporate Brand Management), module code, module title and date of submission.
Late submissions: please check with TPO / check the student handbook MG5615 Coursework Assignment 2014-15
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Indicative Marking Criteria
SENATE REGULATION 2: (2009 ONWARDS) POSTGRADUTE new SR3.47 (2013-onwards)
Assessments and assessment blocks
47. Each element of assessment (other than those assessed on a pass / fail basis) shall be assessed as follows: Indicative Mark Band     Grade     Grade Point
90 and above     A++     17
80-89     A+     16
73-79     A     15
70-72     A-     14
68-69     B+     13
63-67     B     12
60-62     B-     11
58-59     C+     10
53-57     C     9
50-52     C-     8
48-49     D+     7
43-47     D     6
40-42     D-     5
38-39     E+     4
33-37     E     3
30-32     E-     2
29 and below     F     1