Unit 9 Discussion Bioethics

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Unit 9: Unit 9: Issues at End of Life – Discussion 

Below is a list of topics bioethicists often discuss. Your assignment is to search the internet for a thorough, well-crafted argument for either side of one issue listed below. You can choose whichever side you like, but find the best argument you can for that particular side. 

You may want to refer to the Web Research Guidelines to find tips on searching, or use the databases found in Kaplan’s Online Library. When you have finished your research, answer the questions below in the Discussion space. 

After finding an argument, take some time to consider what makes the argument ethically sound and why you trust the author/group providing that argument. Post the fruits of your research in this Discussion area.

After posting your responses, take time to read and reply to your classmates’ responses. 

Discussion Best Practices

In order to earn full points, you must post a thoughtful answer and at least two substantive responses to the work of your fellow students or instructor. The initial answer must be posted by Saturday and include an outside source with an APA formatted reference. To get the most out of your Discussion experience, review the tips listed in the Additional Help icon.


 Topic: End of Life Research

Research Topics 
•The Right to Die 
• Physician Assisted Suicide 
•Legalized Euthanasia 
•Palliative Care 
•Terminal Sedation 

Select a topic from above, and search the internet for a sound ethical argument defending one perspective on that topic.

Additional Sources 

Try the following databases, accessible through the Online Library (for directions, see the Web Research Guidelines) for more information on the topics. Alternately, use your own sources for additional information.
•Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition 
•Health Source Consumer Edition
•Clinical Pharmacology
•MasterFILE Premier
•Newspaper Source