Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Assignment: Draft a 4-6 page memo, detailing 5-7 requests for business law advice during the start-up stages of a hypothetical company from any industry you choose. Your audience is a non-lawyer CEO who wants to know what legal advice the company should seek and why. Please:

1) explain the legal services that the company should seek (incorporation, a customer contract, employment contracts, etc);

2) the details of each request (limitations of liability, the type of business entity, etc.); and

3) why you are requesting the legal advice.

The memo should include:

1) a brief description (1-2 sentences) of your hypothetical company, e.g. a restaurant, a mobile car sharing app, a website, a food truck, a real estate company, etc.

2) a roadmap summarizing the structure of your memo and your conclusions

3) discrete sections explaining the general nature and details of the legal services the company should seek

4) discrete sections explaining why the company should seek these legal services