Using technology to improve teaching

Introduction (500 words)
• Identifying the main topic; professional development; accountability;.
• Outline the aims and objectives of your study. Include the main question you will be addressing in the essay
• Explain why this topic is important
• Context
• Outline of the study

Literature Review (3000words)
• Structured review of literature relevant to your topic and also include ideas about using technology from a wider perspective.
• Adopt a thematic approach (avoid writing x said this, y argued that, z claimed the other)
• Definitions
• Main features of the topic. Use sub-headings to structure the text
• Summary (From this review, the following points have been identified)

Conclusions (1000 words)
• Return to the main question
• Provide an overview of the main outcomes of the study
• Set out the implications for professional practice
• Include some recommendations for further work