What can Go Wrong with Private Placements

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Title: What can go wrong with Private Placements? 
Research Objective:
When it comes to raising capital, investors are more inclined towards private placements due to the exclusivity of the process. However, there are certain factors that might affect the fund raising as a result of mistakes performed during the capital raising, private placement, process. In my research, I will detail the process of private placements, its critical success factors, and key considerations. 
Tentative table of contents:
I. Introduction (Abstract)
II. What are Private Placements
III. Success Factors
IV. Key Considerations
V. Recommendations
VI. Conclusion

Please feel free to add sections to the above sections. Instructions are set below: 

You are to write a 4000 word research essay on a topic that is approved by the Instructor. 
The article is not just about collecting and summarizing material from the references you use. It must reflect signs of critical understanding and creativity such as analysis, new ideas/solutions, future prospects/suggestions… 
you must get the approval of the instructor on the topic. Failing to do so may result in a failing grade on the research. 
You must use appropriate journal references (at least 8) from specialized refereed journals and display evidence that you have used those references by mentioning the reference and the page number. 
You must create a special section that explains your ideas/contribution/suggestions in a non-trivial fashion
Assignment topics could cover: 
1. Develop a critical study of eight chosen articles on any of the themes covered in the course. 2. Develop a case pertaining to any of the course themes (assuming you know what the structure of a case study is. Do your research and see the samples used within the context of the classroom). 
Your research paper shall include the following components (font 12, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing): 
1 Title page including the title, your full name, email address, telephone or mobile number, student identification number 
2 Table of contents 
3 Abstract 
4 Introduction 
5 Main body of the research paper (usually several sections with appropriate headers and section number) 
6 Your contribution 
7 conclusion 
8 References in the form of footnotes citing to the specific page of the relevant filed document article and book. 
9 Bibliography in alphabetical order by surname of author must include webpage of prospectus, and all other documents cited in footnotes. 
The 4000 word limit does not apply to appendices, references and bibliography.