What is a Good Resource?

Order Description

you need to write 150 word article on what comprises a good resource.(this is another application for critical thinking skills) When writing your description of a good resource, consider the following criteria:
. Is the point of view of the individual or organization responsible for providing the information evident?
. If there is an individual author of the material on the page, and is this author’s point of view evident? Is it clear what relationship exists between the author and the person, company, or organization responsible for the site/
. Is the page free of advertising?
. if the page includes adverstising, is it clear what relationship exists between the advertiser and the business, or organization responsible for the content of the page?
. Is there a clear differentiation between the advertising and the information on the page?
. Is there an explanation of the site’s policy relating to advertising and sponsorship?
. For pages that have nonprofit or corporate sponsors, are the sponsors’ names clearly listed? Is additional information (or a link to additional information) provided about the nature of the sponsorship?

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