What was Jefferson's reasoning behind the Embargo?

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Please answer the following series of questions.
1.What was Jefferson’s reasoning behind the Embargo? How did different groups react to it? What are some of the causes of the War of 1812? Was this war popular across the nation? Who won/lost the conflict?
2.How were the negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase conducted, and what were the terms agreed on? What were the reasons behind Jefferson’s reservations over the purchase of Louisiana, and how was he able to reason these doubts away?
3.How did Jefferson’s presidency represent a “fundamental change” in the direction of the federal government? What were the roots of Jefferson’s conflict with the federal court system, and how did the case of Marbury v. Madison fit into the controversy? What method did Jefferson employ to bring the judiciary under Republican control, and what were the results? How was the relative “unimportance of the federal government” during the Jefferson administration symbolized by the character of the national capital?