When considering the actions of the press, do you think the law of the United Kingdom provides the right balance between privacy and freedom of expression? Illustrate your answer with examples from case law.

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– OSCOLA style reference.
– Must Writer specialist in law.
– I would like divide my coursework to chapters.
– account words includes footnotes.
– guarantee of plagiarism.
– I will send to you some useful resource. So, please send your email.
– Must use a various referencing (books, cases, articles, newspapers,,etc)
– Critical thinking.
– I think the writer need to take a count these Acts:
Human Rights Act 1998. Article 12.
European Convention on Human Rights. Articles 8 and 10.
The Defamation law Act 2013.
S 3(2) / 326 of the communication Act 2003.
107 (1)- 130 of the Broadcasting Act 1996.
The Ofcom Broadcasting code 2013- Article 8.
Data protection Act 1998



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