Writing TV Drama Script

Writing TV Drama Script

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Writing Television Drama

Curriculum content    This module will introduce students to the practice of writing for TV with a particular focus on developing the skills to write television drama.  The creation of episode and serial narratives, treatments (story outlines), scene description, characterisation and dialogue, among other aspects of writing for television, will be explored and undertaken through practical exercises and workshops.
Teaching and learning strategy    The module will be taught in a weekly 3 hour lecture/workshop combining theory and analysis with practical exercises demonstrating a variety of approaches. Students will work on individual and group writing exercises, for example producing plot outlines, making pitches and writing scripts.
Assessment strategy    The assessment strategy is to encourage students to apply an understanding of the principles of dramatic writing, together with knowledge of genre, format, and commercial context (schedules, commissioning strategy, audience profile), to develop a pitch for an original television drama series modelled on professional practice.


A pitch for an Original Television Drama Series or Sitcom (3,500 words), appropriate to British TV schedules and set in the UK.

One mark is awarded for the submission.

The portfolio of work is to comprise the following:

1)  Bible, to include:
i) A Title, Log-line and Series Description for an original idea for one of the following: a returning drama series (including children’s television), a situation comedy series or a soap opera (max 500 words).
ii) Three specific character profiles (max 500 words).
iii) Treatment for Episode One (max 500 words), which must indicate key turning points according to principles of Three Act Dramatic Structure as taught.
iv) Summaries of the remaining episodes (max 500 words).

2) Script.
A section of script of the opening episode, up to and including the Inciting Incident. (This must be a minimum of 1000 words, to a maximum 1300.)

3)  Market Evaluation  (300 words), a brief analysis supported by research, showing:
a) Where your project fits in the current television market/schedules, including an explanation of which channel it is intended for, and why, and what audience it is aimed at (ie, age/demographic), and why.
c) Why this project is marketable – with reference to comparable shows, and opportunities for market extension (eg multi-platform/online presence).

The deadline for delivery of the assignment is 20th March, 2015. The assignment must be delivered in electronic copy online.

Achieving a  pass    It is not a requirement that any major assessment category must be passed separately in order to achieve an overall pass for the module.